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The skin is protected by a thin protect layer called the epidermis. This layer is very thin in the under-eye region, requiring extra care to maintain skin health. The natural process of aging along with exposure to external factors such as sun, stress, pollution and digital glare may leave this protective barrier impaired. This may lead the under eye region to develop dark circles, wrinkles and fine lines.

Seweet Serene is an under-eye serum that has been formulated to support and improve skin health. Made with a blend of active natural ingredients it may help boost nourishment and hydration, the two key factors for better looking skin. When used as directed it may help reduce dark circles, wrinkles and fine lines.
Sweet Serene is an easy to use topical serum for under-eye health. It may help stimulate collagen production which may help improve hydration and nourishment. It may also help with under-eye skin contouring which in turn may help reduce dark circles.

The soothing benefits may also include decrease in under-eye puffiness & redness